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Buy Wise Be Safe launches #SummerSafety campaign
Hot on the heels of the heatwave the country has basked in, Buy Wise Be Safe are launching a campaign that’s aiming to ensure under 5s are safe this summer. The Summer Safety campaign will contain all the must-know advice and proven best practice to ensure your under 5s have a summer to remember for … Continued


  • Poisoning Prevention campaign launches Monday

    Buy Wise Be Safe have launched a campaign aiming to reduce the number of under 5s being accidentally poisoned. A recent report published by Public Health England demonstrated that accidental poisoning is on the rise in the South West, with more children aged 0-4 being rushed to A&E.  Buy Wise Be Safe is therefore dedicating … Continued

  • Buy Wise Be Safe promotes #SpringSafety with help from the RNLI

    NEXT week sees the launch of the first Buy Wise Be Safe (BWBS) campaign of 2018 – with water safety at the heart of our messages. Whilst occurrences of drowning are rare it still accounts for more fatalities in the under 5s than any other unintentional injury.  For every nine  children taken to hospital, due … Continued

  • Mothercare recalls ‘My First Keys’ toy

    Mothercare is undertaking a voluntary recall of the ‘My First Keys’ toy due to a risk of the battery compartment coming off and exposing the button cell battery. This toy was sold in stores and on the Mothercare website from June 2017 to April 2018. However, only the ‘My First Keys’ with a batch code … Continued