How safe is your home for your baby? And what can you do to make it safer?

Accident statistics indicate that most injuries to babies and small children are caused by falls. Babies falling from a height, such as from a table or bed, is the most frequent cause of a trip to A&E. Rather than adding to this shocking statistic, why not alter the way you change your baby. Falls from any height can always be avoided by changing your baby on the floor – rather than an elevated surface.

Another common cause of injury is adults falling over when carrying their baby. Always be careful on stairs and keep stairways and steps clear of toys and other items to avoid tripping when carrying your baby. Why not check around other areas for other possible trip hazards?

As well as advice we also offer some handy tips on buying safe equipment both new and second hand and point to some of the hazards in and around the home that may pose a threat to your baby.


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