How safe is your home for your child? And what can you do to make it safer?

From around 2-4 years old
Safety gates, which once ensured your little one couldn’t get in or out of a room, are now an indoor climbing frame. Once your child is walking and running free of assistance, safety gates are less effective. What is important at this stage in their lives is you teaching them about what is safe and what is not. Why not show your child how to safely walk up and down the stairs? Safety gates are not recommended for use if your child has reached the age of 2.

With an ability to run, and walk around unaided, in warmer weather it can be nice to have a paddling pool in your garden. If you do you must remember, to supervise your child at all times. Don’t forget to click on the advice we have about the risk of drowning and how you can make sure child is safe around water.

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