How safe is your home for your child? And what can you do to make it safer?

Between 1 and 2 years old

The different stages of development vary from child to child but generally between the ages of 1 and 2, your baby will have become a toddler. At this time in their young life, your child can surprise you at just how fearless they can be. Being adventurous, they may try to climb onto furniture, open and close things, and home in on objects that a few weeks ago just weren’t reachable.

It’s now even more important to ensure hot drinks and fluids are kept well-away from the edge of worktops, hobs, dinner and coffee tables. Furthermore all of these surfaces can be made safer for your toddler by ensuring sharp edges or hard corners have protectors fitted. Alternatively, if it’s possible, move the item so that it is out of your toddler’s way.

Their new found ability to wriggle out a high chair, or climb out of a cot, should not be ignored. It’s extremely important to check the safety features your product may or may not have. We offer some very handy advice on the purchasing of safe equipment both new and second hand and point to some of the hazards you may not have considered around your home.


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