Baby Walkers FACT SHEET

Did You Know?

  • There is no evidence that baby walkers help your baby to walk earlier. However there are a high number of injuries associated with their use as they allow young children to move faster and get to places they might not reach on their own.
  • Older baby walkers were not designed to meet current safety standards and can tip over which is something to keep in mind if buying second hand or used goods.
  • Child health experts do not recommend the use of baby walkers.

How To Buy Safely

  • We do not recommend buying or using a baby walker due to the risk of injury they pose to children. If you do decide to purchase a baby walker you should check it complies with the safety standard EN 1273:2005. This will be marked on the product together with the manufacturer, distributor or retailer’s name or trademark.
  • Check that the baby walker is too wide to fit through doorways to prevent your baby roaming from room to room. It should also have a gripping mechanism to stop it at the edge of a step.
  • If you are purchasing a second hand/used product, ask questions about its history, who it was used for, their age, the age of the product and most importantly – look for the safety marks listed above.
  • If you are buying online check the seller’s rating or reviews and their location. Goods sold online may well be cheaper but beware of inferior or even fake products. The picture and description may say it’s a brand you recognise, but what is delivered could be something else. Make sure the goods you receive match what was advertised online – if they don’t contact the website. Sites like eBay have teams dedicated to resolving cases where the sent item doesn’t match what was advertised. The most important thing is to make sure your purchase doesn’t put the child at risk!

How To Set Up Safely

  • Read the instructions carefully and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How To Use Safely

  • Check the area that you are going to use it in and restrict access to any potential hazards such as steps or stairs, appliance cords, hot drinks or hot surfaces.
  • Remember never to leave your baby unattended while they use a baby walker.