#12DaysOfSafety 2017

It’s 12 days until Christmas. Your tree is more than likely decorated and you may have even finished all your Christmas shopping. But how safe is your home now the festive fever is nearly upon us all?

We’re bringing back our 12 days of safety campaign, but with a twist this year. We’re condensing all of the safety information into just a few days – ensuring you all are informed about what makes a home safe and keeps you off Santa’s naughty list.

To kick the launch day off, we’ve even created an infographic to detail some of the important points we’ll be raising over the next few days. Be sure to keep checking back on the site each day to get your daily dose of Buy Wise Be Safe information.

Safety laws have advanced quickly, as has the technology which protects electrical goods from overheating or failing. Having this hidden protection in your lights can be the difference between having a memorable and safe Christmas for all the right reasons – or not. Our safety experts from across the South West have compiled this handy list for you to remember when you are decorating your homes.

1. Never leave burning candles unattended, make sure you put them out before going to bed and do not put them on Christmas trees.

2. Novelty decorations are not toys and do not have to comply with toy safety regulations. Keep them out of the reach of young hands.

3. Overloading extension leads and plug adaptors can cause a fire.

4. Beware of choking hazards to young children, such as burst balloons, small toy parts and tree decorations.

5. Don’t place your tree, or decorations, near a naked flame.

6. Chocolates on trees and any of the decorations can be a choking hazard for little ones – supervision when children are around the tree is a must.

7. Check the condition of wiring on Christmas lights. Time spent in storage could have degraded casing that protects power connections. Decorations may have deteriorated as well and be aware that these can be too tempting for children to not pull on or place in their mouths. Supervision is key during this time of year.

8. Lights left on that decorate a tree can also become hot – enough to burn the delicate skin of children aged under 5. Try to make sure young children in your home don’t touch lights that could burn them.