With Child Safety Week kicking off for 2019, we’re taking time to remind parents and carers of under 5s of the important role they have in everything their child does and becomes a Supervision Superstar. There’s about 370,000 accidents every year involving under 5s, with all these little ones needing a visit to A&E.  Children in this age bracket are unpredictable and have no knowledge of what is safe, and what is not.


Up to about the age of 3 these little ones will act on impulse – as they know nothing else. This is why we are launching this campaign focused on supervision. Children learn through exploration, but having a responsible adult who is aware of danger can make their learning safer.


Threat to Breathing


A baby sitting at a table eating small safe food.

Always be near your child when they are eating. Cut food to appropriate sizes and encourage them to sit still. Be aware of other items around your home that could be a choking risk – like button batteries, marbles and other small items,

Remove nappy sacks from your child’s reach when changing them and keep plastic bags locked away to avoid suffocation risks.

Finally, blind cords. Secure these to a wall with a fixing kit. Teething necklaces and other similar items increase the risk of strangulation.




Falls are the number one cause of injury to the under 5 age group. Babies can fall from changing tables, toddlers can fall off furniture or stumble down stairs. Supervision will reduce this risk.

Unsupervised toddlers will climb if they are able which increases the risk of falls.



Keeping cleaning products and chemicals under the sink can make life easy for adults. But if you don’t have cupboard locks, it will be dangerous for children in your home. Consider moving them away from reach and sight of your small children.

Cleaning products under the sink will be colourful and dangerous if played with.



Did you know a baby drowns silently? A 3cms depth of water is all it would take. Bath time for children is a high-risk time so never leave them alone. Outside the home young children aren’t safe around water either as they too can get into trouble – if you can’t secure the risk from your child – supervise.




Handles of pots of boiling water turned away from the worksurface edge, and kettle cords being tucked away, is best practice that everyone knows about. But did you know hair straighteners reach 230c and can take 20 mins to cool properly. Try and get a safety pouch for them and keep them cooling away from your child’s reach.

Kettles should have cords tucked away and out of reach of small children.

Crushes and Jams


Tall, heavy, furniture like display cabinets or bookcases can topple over – especially if your child climbs up them. You can stop this from happening by supervising your child’s play time and securing large furniture to walls by using an anchoring kit.

Cabinets like this should be fixed to a wall with an anchoring kit.

Check out our handy Supervision Infographic with some of the threats highlighted that parents and carers should be aware of.