High Chairs

High Chairs, and Chair/Table Mounted Seats FACT SHEET 

Did You Know

  • These items are designed to be used by babies and toddlers who can sit unaided. Generally speaking, they are designed for use by children who weigh less than 15kg or are aged under 36-months.
  • A five point harness is the safest method for securing the child in – one strap between their legs and two on either side.

How to Buy Safely

  • When thinking of buying one of these items, consider what your priorities are. If you’re buying a high chair check it has a wide base for stability and that any tray locks securely and cannot be removed by your child. If you buy a folding chair make sure it has an effective locking device. Look for chair designs with a post between where your child’s legs will go; this will help prevent them slipping down and getting trapped under the tray.
  • High chairs should meet the requirements of safety standard BS EN 14988:2017. Check your chair is marked with the number of this standard and the name or trademark of the manufacturer, distributor or retailer.
  • If you are purchasing a second hand/used product, ask questions about its history, who it was used for, their age, the age of the product and most importantly – look for the safety marks listed above and signs of any damage.
  • If you are buying online check the sellers rating or reviews and their location. Goods sold online may well be cheaper but beware of inferior or even fake products. The picture and description may say it’s a brand you recognise, but what is delivered could be something else. Make sure the goods you receive match what was advertised online – if they don’t contact the seller and the website. Sites like eBay have teams dedicated to resolving cases where the sent item doesn’t match what was advertised. The most important thing is to make sure your purchase doesn’t put your child at risk!

How To Set-Up Safely

  • A brand new item will come with instructions for its use. Try to follow the steps as set out. If you are having difficulty, call the manufacturer for advice, a helpline number may be found in the instructions or online.
  • If you have purchased a used/second hand item the instructions may not be present. Try searching online for the manufacturer as many set-up guides are available to download for free. Try calling the manufacturer directly.
  • Avoid placing the high chair next to a table, counter, cooker or anywhere else where the child may be able to grab items or use their legs to push against (i.e. a wall).
  • Also, make sure the floor surface is not slippery or uneven.
  • When it’s not in use, it should be stored out of reach of children, so they do not try to climb into it. A folded away high chair is also the type of product where small fingers can be crushed or trapped.
  • When using a chair or table mounted seat ensure it is securely attached and check this each time you use it.

How To Use Safely

  • Before feeding your child, make sure you have everything you are going to need within easy reach – never leave your child unattended in a highchair or equivalent.
  • Always use the harness and make sure all belts and straps are adjusted to the size of your child. Never rely on the feeding tray alone to keep your baby in.
  • When they are nearing the upper age limit of the product, you may find your child is able to rock in the seat which could lead to the high chair falling over. It is better to graduate to a chair at this time and continue with adult supervision.