Don’t be an April Fool urges home safety group

PARENTS are being urged not to be an April Fool when it comes to falls and home safety this Spring.

Buy Wise Be Safe has issued the warning, to parents and carers of under 5s, launching the 2019 version of its Spring Safety – focusing on Outdoors Play.

The campaign, which runs from April 1st for a week, will highlight how time in the garden can be a safe and fun experience – just before children start their Easter half term.

Injury statistics gathered from hospital data shows that falls are the frequent cause of the most injuries to under 5s – and falls outside the home can cause more damage.

A spokesman from the safety group said, “We issue lots of safety advice for inside the home, as it’s where under 5s will spend most of their time. But as warmer weather approaches, more time can be spent outside.”

“Smaller children and babies won’t be exploring areas outside like they do inside the home. But once they are walking confidently, it can be hard to slow them down and keep them safe in the garden.”

“But before they’re allowed outside to play, we urge parents and carers to make the garden as safe as can be. Put machinery and garden tools away, along with paints, preservatives and poisons. Don’t be an April Fool and leave these items and others around and supervise your child’s play outside.”

Every day, from Monday April 1st, safety messages will be shared on – which will also have an improved look from April 1, and via its Facebook and Twitter social media channels.

For more information, please contact or call 01726 218768.