Summer Safety Campaign – Week Three

In the sunshine of the last few days it is likely that you and your child have been cooling off in water – maybe by using a paddling pool in the garden. This is perfectly fine, but supervision is key – as babies and toddlers can drown in just a few inches of water.

Water Safety

As our advice on Drowning states, water is fascinating for young children and a great source of fun and exercise – but it is also a danger if children are left to play in it, or near it, unsupervised. Drowning is one of the main causes of accidental death in babies and young children. Make sure you follow the link to get all the advice we offer.

On the Beach

Again, supervision is key when taking a trip to the seaside. It’s a source of great enjoyment for a child but the dangers should not be ignored.

Our friends at the RNLI have offered the following advice to ensure trip to the coast is one to remember for happy reasons. They say,

–           Always swim at a lifeguarded beach, between the red and yellow flags

–           Remember swimming in the sea is very different from swimming in a pool

–           Find and read the safety signs

–           Spot the dangers

–           If you’re in an emergency, stick your hand up and wave for help


There’s also loads more safety advice on their website
Be sure to visit next week when we warn about the dangers of BBQs, firepits, and garden torches.