Summer Safety Campaign – Week Two

Following on from last week’s information and advice on SPF and ways of avoiding sunburn, this week we take a look at outdoor equipment. From trampolines and swings, to scooters and trikes – keeping your children safe comes with planning and preparation when considering Summer Safety.

Trampolines and outdoor equipment

As our advice on trampoline usage states, avoid the temptation of allowing more than one person on it at one time. Make sure you follow the link to get all the advice we offer.

The advice specifically about trampolines also applies to other equipment you can buy for use in your garden. The need to ensure any large structure, like a swing, is properly secured before use couldn’t be more important.

But also, worth careful consideration like the advice in the above link for trampolines, is the placement of such equipment. Think about how you child will use it? Could using it, or getting off it, be a hazard as well? As with all playtime, adult supervision is key to ensure they remain safe.

Ride on Toys

Again, the following link provides lots of information on best practice for children to remain safe in your garden during the summer when using ride on toys –

As our guidance states, consider what your priorities are before buying and also ensure the area is safe for them to play in before the start.

Above everything else, supervision during playtime in and around your home is key.