Parents urged to become Supervision Superstars

Buy Wise Be Safe asks, are you a #SupervisionSuperstar?


Today we’re launching our campaign aiming to encourage adults to put down their mobile phones, ignore distractions, and become a #SupervisionSuperstar for the benefit of their children.


Launching on Monday June 3rd, to coincide with Child Safety Week, the campaign asks parents and carers of under 5s to make home safety their priority – which can be achieved easily by supervising what their child is doing.


From playtime to bath time, crawling and walking, being by your child’s side is important for their safety, development, and learning all about what is safe – and what is not.


Stuart Radnedge, spokesman for Buy Wise Be Safe, said: “There’s about 370,000 accidents every year involving under 5s, with all these little ones needing a visit to A&E.  Children in this age bracket are unpredictable and have no knowledge of what is safe, and what is not.


“Up to about the age of 3 these little ones will act on impulse – as they know nothing else. This is why we are launching this campaign focused on supervision. Children learn through exploration but having a responsible adult who is aware of danger can make their learning safer.”


Every day, from Monday 3th June, #SupervisionSuperstar campaign messages will be shared on and via our Facebook and Twitter social media channels.


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