Ride on Toys

Ride on Toys FACT SHEET

Did You Know?

  • Ride on Toys could apply to anything your child rides. From the traditional plastic framed cars that a child sits inside, to bikes and scooters. If you child is riding a bike, scooter or something similar personal protection equipment (PPE) like helmets, knee-pads and elbow pads should be worn to protect them from injury.
  • The maximum speed of electrically powered ride-on toys must be limited to minimize the risk of injury.

How to Buy Safely

  • When thinking of buying one of these items, consider what your priorities are.
  • If you’re buying a ride on toy, ensure it is the correct size for your child, check the safety features it has and that your child can use it properly.
  • Take your child with you – make sure their feet touch the ground and that the toy is stable when your child is seated.
  • If you are purchasing a second hand/used product, ask questions about its history, who it was used for, their age, the age of the product and most importantly – look for signs of any damage.
  • Ride on toys must be marked with a CE symbol and the name & address of the manufacturer and/or importer.
  • If you are buying online check the sellers rating or reviews and their location. Goods sold online may well be cheaper but beware of inferior or even fake products. The picture and description may say it’s a brand you recognise, but what is delivered could be something else. Make sure the goods you receive match what was advertised online – if they don’t, contact the seller and the website. Sites like eBay have teams dedicated to resolving cases where the sent item doesn’t match what was advertised.  The most important thing is to make sure your purchase doesn’t put your child at risk!

How To Set Up Safely

  • There should be clear warnings about any hazards presented by the toy itself.
  • Make sure the play area is free from hazards such as uneven surfaces.

How To Use Safely

  • Remember that your child may use a toy in a way that it was not intended to be used.
  • Parents and carers should supervise babies and young children when they are using ride-on toys and ensure that they are not used on uneven surfaces or in the vicinity of hazards such as ponds or steps.