Safety Gates

Child Safety Gates FACT SHEET

Did You Know?

Safety gates can help keep children under 24 months of age safe. However, they are not recommended for children over this age.

Placing a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs, near the top of the stairs (i.e. across the landing or a child’s bedroom doorway) and across the kitchen area, will help keep a young child from harm.

Always accompany your child when they navigate the stairs, until you are sure they can manage on their own.

As soon as your child shows signs of moving, you may wish to consider buying child safety gates to help keep them safe.

How To Buy Safely

Before buying, work out where you want a gate and how many you will need, and measure carefully.

Check that the safety gate conforms to safety standard BS EN 1930:2011. It should be marked with the standard’s number and the name or trademark of the manufacturer, distributor or retailer.

The gate should also be marked with the maximum and minimum width of the opening for which it is intended to block.

There are different types of safety gates to buy. Pressure safety gates usually have a bar at the bottom of the gate which can present a trip hazard. This type is not advised for the top of the stairs but are fine for the bottom of the stairs – or acoss a kitchen doorway

If you are purchasing a second hand/used product, ask questions about its history, its age and look for the safety marks listed above.

If you are buying online check the seller’s rating or reviews and their location.  Goods sold online may well be cheaper but beware of inferior or even fake products. The picture and description may say it’s a brand you recognise, but what is delivered could be something else.  Make sure the goods you receive match what was advertised online – if they don’t contact the website.  Sites like eBay have teams dedicated to resolving cases where the sent item doesn’t match what was advertised.  The most important thing is to make sure your purchase doesn’t put your child at risk!

How To Set Up Safely

Ensure the barrier is mounted between two solid surfaces.

Fix the gate in accordance with the instructions and do not leave a gap greater than 5cm underneath the gate as your child could become trapped.

Do not fit a gate too close to the first stair as the child could use the stair to climb over the gate.

The gate should always open into the landing, not towards a flight of stairs.

Check for entrapment points, sharp edges and protrusions when a gate is open.

How To Use Safely

You will need to supervise your child on stairs when they are ready to climb them.

Child safety gates are to keep children under 24 months safe. Don’t rely on the safety gate to control access to the stairs for older children.

Always keep the gate closed – an open gate can be as dangerous as no gate at all.

Regularly check that the gate remains firmly in position.

If you climb over the gate, your child may copy you. Don’t allow your child to climb or play on the gate as this could loosen fixings.

Avoid hanging toys on to the gate as this will attract children.