Day ten advice for #12daysofsafety

Despite being Winter, the chance of your child getting burned is incredibly high if you do not take precautions. The kitchen is a hive of activity during Christmas with ovens always seeming to be cooking something, and pans of water boiling for hours on end as Christmas puddings are steamed to perfection. While it may be obvious to some, keep your young children out of the kitchen!

  • Keep little ones out of the kitchen while Christmas dinner is being cooked to avoid hot fat, boiling water and sharp knives! Also, when it comes to serving the food, remember to not pass hot food around the dinner table as it could fall out of your hand and badly burn your child.
  • Check out our sections on this site regarding burns as a lot of the information we have provided about hot drinks, food and cooking applies to this time of the year.
  • If you’re straightening your hair, or have a hairdryer on, be sure to place them somewhere that is out of reach for your child. Straighteners heat to 230°c and can take up to 30 minutes to cool down.

Remember, a child aged 0-5 has skin that is 15 times thinner than that of an adult. Encourage them to learn that the kitchen, when someone is cooking, is not a place they should be!

Buy Wise Be Safe Launches #BurnsAwarenessWeek

A SHOCKING video will be published by a national safety group on Wednesday to highlight the importance of burns awareness during Halloween, Diwali, and Bonfire Night.

In the video on the group’s social media accounts, a small child’s fancy dress costume is alight in moments after the floating fabric from the base of the costume comes into contact with a naked flame. South West based group Buy Wise Be Safe decided to post the video in order to highlight the danger posed by fire; particularly with Halloween being preceded by the Indian festival of lights Diwali, and Bonfire Night following shortly afterwards.  All three festivals feature the use of flames and/or fireworks which can pose a particular threat to the delicate skin of babies and young children.

Wednesday is National Burns Awareness Day from the Children’s Burns Trust, which Buy Wise Be Safe is supporting and used as inspiration for its #BurnsAwarenessWeek which runs from October 29th to November 5th.

During the four week period surrounding Bonfire Night admissions to A&E for burn related injuries increase substantially; so to help parents keep their children safe Buy Wise Be Safe has launched a Burns Awareness Week campaign offering great advice to keep youngsters safe.

Stuart Radnedge, spokesman for Buy Wise Be Safe, said, “Every year around Bonfire Night many children suffer needless injuries that can occur in a moment but, in many cases, leave a scar or injury for a lifetime.”

“Children under the age of 5 should not be holding Sparklers but the risk of burns is still high if you leave naked flames exposed around your home, for example in a pumpkin lantern. Many young children will enjoy being a part of the festivities with the opportunity to dress up and transform the home with lanterns, carved pumpkins and other decorations.”

“However, as demonstrated in the video we published on our social media pages, some costumes can catch alight quickly – especially when they can have long trailing material attached that can easily burn if it drops onto a flame.”

“To try and make this four week period as safe as possible, we have provided some great advice on how to avoid the risks around the home which are prevalent at this time of year.”

To find the Burns Awareness safety tips please visit for advice on the website, and and for our messages that are being shared on Social Media.