Day eight advice for #12daysofsafety Christmas campaign

Button batteries during this time of the year will be everywhere and in everything – or at least it may feel like that!

As demonstrated in the pictures we shared on our Buy Wise Be Safe Social media accounts here and here , these tiny cells of energy are extremely powerful and can be extremely dangerous if swallowed by your child. Young children learn by putting most things in their mouths that they get their little hands on.

One of these button batteries can cause serious interior burns to your child, as quickly as shows in the picture we posted – so our advice is DO NOT leave them lying around at Christmas, or any other time.

Other batteries and general electrical safety is the focus of our advice for today’s eighth day in the #12daysofsafety campaign.

  • Rechargable batteries – These items are great but need ventilation and can become dangerous if overcharged. Always use the correct charger that the device came with. The protective technology in mobile phone chargers may be weaker than that in the charger for your tablet – dispite it being made by the same manufacturer and the ends fitting in both mobile and tablet.
  • Do not be tempted to buy cheaper mobile chargers. Only use chargers sold by the same manuacturer as your device. A recent story on fake Apple chargers here states that 99% of fakes failed basic tests!
  • Don’t charge devices overnight. It’s tempting, but if a fault occured you wouldn’t be awake to know about it!
  • Use caution if buying anything from social media sites. A total of 60% of fake goods were purchased online through social media.
  • Discarding batteries once they get too hot during charging or start leaking – this is a sign that the cell has reached the end of its life.
  • Do not remove batteries from smoke alarms or other safety devices to then use in toys. Buy the batteries for the toys and make sure your family stays safe at Christmas

Finally, the poster below from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue contains a link for more advice from the fire service regarding electrical safety.